Backpacking: China Explorer

25 Days

from £1499

Highlights of this backpacking explorer tour include climbing Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo, Giant Pandas in Chengdu, the Terracotta Army in Xian and stay in a mountain farm.

Learn Kung Fu from a Shaolin Orphanage, watch the sunrise on the Great Wall, see Chairman Mao’s Summer House in the bamboo forests of Hangzhou, sip champagne in a hot tub on the rooftop of a Shanghai skyscraper, stay overnight at a traditional Hakka roundhouse in Fujian and jump the worlds highest Bungee in Macau.

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2017 – 18

Day 1  Hong Kong – Yangshuo

Start the day with an optional guided hike up Victoria Peak for incredible views over the harbour. Take the High Speed Rail link to Guangzhou, and connect to Yangshuo, arriving late that evening.

Day 2  Yangshuo

Famed for its stunning karst scenery. The first afternoon includes one of our free attractions: rafting down the Li River on bamboo rafts while the sun sets over the karst peaks.

Day 3  Yangshuo

Optional activities include visiting mud-baths in underground caves, a bike tour stopping at swimming spots and view points , Deep Water Soloing (rock climbing without ropes above a river), sampling snake liquor in the various roof top bars, watching the Cormorant Fishermen, or trying suction cups on the back to withdraw impurities

Day 4  Yangshuo

Another day to enjoy the optional activities on offer.

Day 5  Yangshuo – Chengdu

Catch the night train to Chengdu.

Day 6  Chengdu

Optional activities include a visit to the world’s largest Buddha statue at Leshan, enjoy a traditional Sichuan Hotpot. In the morning visit the Panda Breeding Research Centre, to see them having breakfast. Relax with an optional massage from a blind masseur.

Day 7  Chengdu – Xian

Board the night train to Xian.

Day 8  Xian

In the morning we head off for another included attraction, The Terracotta Warriors, China’s Wonder of the Ancient World. In the evening, have the chance to help out at a soup kitchen for Xian’s homeless people.

Day 9  Xian

Today you can explore the Muslim Quarter independently or join us for an optional bike tour around the Ancient City Wall. In the evening you can see a fountain and light show, before experiencing a night out Chinese style, needless to say it involves Karaoke, or KTV as it is known in China.

Day 10  Qing Ling Mountains

Take a minibus deep into the heart of the Qing Ling mountains, stopping en-route for tubing and sunbathing by a river. We can choose tonights menu from the farm animals in the yard. We will then hike into the mountains to a series of waterfalls. The evening is spent eating the organic food from the farm and drinking Hans, the local beer, under the stars.

Day 11  Qing Ling – Dengfeng

It’s an early start in the morning as we head back to Xian for a quick shower before taking the train to Longmen, and bus to Dengfeng. That afternoon we call in at the local market to buy supplies for the orphanage we’ll visit later that evening. It’s up to you what supplies you’d like to get them, but normally if everyone contributes about RMB60 it’s enough to get them some meat as well as some oil, rice, sweets and stationary. All the orphans are trained in Kung Fu, and put on a Kung Fu show for us, before we teach them a few games and help them practice their English.

Day 12  Shaolin – Beijing

An early rise to join our optional activity to visit the Shaolin Temple – home of Shaolin Kung Fu. Catch the night train to Beijing.

Day 13  Beijing

After a morning spent relaxing in the hostel in Beijing we head off to our next attraction, The Great Wall. We go to a deserted section of The Wall, we hike along as the sun is setting, and stay just a few minutes from the Wall, before rising for what will be one of the most memorable sunrises of your life, before heading back to Beijing.

Day 14  Beijing

The next two days in Beijing are spent seeing flag raising and Chairman Mao’s embalmed body in Tiananmen Square. Other optional activities include visiting The Forbidden City, The 2008 Olympic Village including The Bird’s Nest Stadium, The National Museum and a visit to a food market where you can try dog, snake, cat, scorpion and a host of other mouth-watering delicacies.

Day 15  Beijing

At leisure to continue enjoying optional activities in Beijing.

Day 16  Beijing – Hangzhou

One more day to explore Beijing before boarding the train to Hangzhou.

Day 17  Hangzhou

Visit the stunning West Lake. In the countryside visit the Moganshan bamboo nature reserve, a favoured summer retreat of Chairman Mao. Swim in the crystal clear mountain lagoon, overnight in a mountain lodge.

Day 18  Hangzhou

Hike to the peak of Moganshan Mountain, before travelling on to Shanghai. Optional to join the Drunken Dragon bar crawl.

Day 19  Hangzhou – Shanghai

Transfer to Shanghai.

Day 20  Shanghai

Optional activities include watching an incredible Acrobatics Show, the former French Concession Walking Tour, People’s Square, Nanjing Road, the infamous Shanghai Pub Crawl and sitting in a skyscraper rooftop bar to enjoy city views in a hot tub sipping champagne.

DAY 21  Shanghai – Xiamen

Take the fast train south to Xiamen, spend the evening on the small Island of Gulangyu, a favourite retreat for China’s most influential artists for hundreds of years.

DAY 22  Xiamen

Take a boat back to the mainland before driving to a group of 30,000 round houses of the Hakka minority people. Spend the night with them and observe their fascinating way of life. Optional visits the temples and beautiful countryside, sample the tea in a tea ceremony and swimming in the local river are possible.

Day 23  Taxia – Guangzhou

Visit the beautiful ancient village of Taxia. It hosted imperial scholars who brought great pride to their village from serving the imperial empire. Night train to Guangzhou.

Day 24  Guangzhou – Macau

Drive to Zhuhai and then onto Macau. Optional to try the World’s Highest Bungee Jump. Gamble in casinos and visit the Venetian.

Day 25  Macau – Hong Kong

The next morning join us on a free tour exploring the old Portuguese part of Macau, before taking the high-speed ferry back to Hong Kong.

Duration: 25 Days

Departing Finishing Price
23rd Aug, 2017 16th Sep, 2017 £1,499
30th Aug, 2017 23rd Sep, 2017 £1,499
4th Sep, 2017 28th Sep, 2017 £1,499
6th Sep, 2017 30th Sep, 2017 £1,499
13th Sep, 2017 7th Oct, 2017 £1,499
18th Sep, 2017 12th Oct, 2017 £1,499
20th Sep, 2017 14th Oct, 2017 £1,499
27th Sep, 2017 21st Oct, 2017 £1,499
2nd Oct, 2017 26th Oct, 2017 £1,499
4th Oct, 2017 28th Oct, 2017 £1,499
9th Oct, 2017 2nd Nov, 2017 £1,499
11th Oct, 2017 4th Nov, 2017 £1,499
18th Oct, 2017 11th Nov, 2017 £1,499
25th Oct, 2017 18th Nov, 2017 £1,499
1st Nov, 2017 25th Nov, 2017 £1,499
7th Mar, 2018 31st Mar, 2018 £1,499
12th Mar, 2018 5th Apr, 2018 £1,499
14th Mar, 2018 7th Apr, 2018 £1,499
19th Mar, 2018 12th Apr, 2018 £1,499
21st Mar, 2018 14th Apr, 2018 £1,499
2nd Apr, 2018 26th Apr, 2018 £1,499
4th Apr, 2018 28th Apr, 2018 £1,499
11th Apr, 2018 5th May, 2018 £1,499
16th Apr, 2018 10th May, 2018 £1,499
23rd Apr, 2018 17th May, 2018 £1,499
2nd May, 2018 26th May, 2018 £1,499
9th May, 2018 2nd Jun, 2018 £1,499
16th May, 2018 9th Jun, 2018 £1,499
21st May, 2018 14th Jun, 2018 £1,499
23rd May, 2018 16th Jun, 2018 £1,499
28th May, 2018 21st Jun, 2018 £1,499
30th May, 2018 23rd Jun, 2018 £1,499
4th Jun, 2018 28th Jun, 2018 £1,499
6th Jun, 2018 30th Jun, 2018 £1,499
11th Jun, 2018 5th Jul, 2018 £1,499
20th Jun, 2018 14th Jul, 2018 £1,499
27th Jun, 2018 21st Jul, 2018 £1,499
2nd Jul, 2018 26th Jul, 2018 £1,499
4th Jul, 2018 28th Jul, 2018 £1,499
9th Jul, 2018 2nd Aug, 2018 £1,499
16th Jul, 2018 9th Aug, 2018 £1,499
18th Jul, 2018 11th Aug, 2018 £1,499
23rd Jul, 2018 16th Aug, 2018 £1,499
25th Jul, 2018 18th Aug, 2018 £1,499
1st Aug, 2018 25th Aug, 2018 £1,499
6th Aug, 2018 30th Aug, 2018 £1,499
8th Aug, 2018 1st Sep, 2018 £1,499
15th Aug, 2018 8th Sep, 2018 £1,499
22nd Aug, 2018 15th Sep, 2018 £1,499
29th Aug, 2018 22nd Sep, 2018 £1,499
3rd Sep, 2018 27th Sep, 2018 £1,499
5th Sep, 2018 29th Sep, 2018 £1,499
12th Sep, 2018 6th Oct, 2018 £1,499
17th Sep, 2018 11th Oct, 2018 £1,499
19th Sep, 2018 13th Oct, 2018 £1,499
26th Sep, 2018 20th Oct, 2018 £1,499
1st Oct, 2018 26th Oct, 2018 £1,499
3rd Oct, 2018 27th Oct, 2018 £1,499
8th Oct, 2018 1st Nov, 2018 £1,499
10th Oct, 2018 3rd Nov, 2018 £1,499
17th Oct, 2018 10th Nov, 2018 £1,499
24th Oct, 2018 17th Nov, 2018 £1,499
31st Oct, 2018 24th Nov, 2018 £1,499

Price is only $ 1459 for 25 days China Explorer trip

The deposit for these arrangements is £300 per person. Balance is due 10 weeks before departure.

Price includes:

  • Bilingual Adventure Leaders
  • Accommodation (hostels, guest houses, and 1 night camping)
  • Transport within China
  • All unmissable activities (see itineraries)

Please note: Accommodation is in dorm rooms as a standard. Upgrade options (to single, twin, or double rooms) are available – please contact us for more information.

All our hostels have WIFI