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Cake in China

Cake in China Amazing soft cake full with fruit and cream, it was so light and easy to eat, the taste was like nothing I’ve ever eaten anywhere else. These cakes are normally given out on special occasion when someone’s birthday/anniversary in the group. Something to try on one of our China holidays! Maria

Tang Dumpling Dinner at the Tang Dynasty Show in Xian

Tang Dumpling Dinner at the Tang Dynasty Show in Xian Dumpling dinner here is served just before the show, the skills in making these dumpling are pretty impressive, beautifully made to look like the ingredient in the dumpling – something to look out for during one of our China excursions.

Peking Duck Dinner

Peking Duck is a popular dish in the UK, but also something you need to try on one of our China trips. The meat was soft and melted in your mouth the skin crispy, the chef skilfully carves all duck in view of the diners. All served on a freshly made pancake. Maria

Xian Dumplings

  Xian Dumplings – famous in the muslim Quarter, noodles and dumplings are made fresh every day and tastes amazing I have this Spicy coriander soup with Chicken dumplings it was out of this world. Make sure to try them on one of our holidays in China. Maria