Where to see Giant Panda in China?

The Giant Panda has long been loved by people around the world, it is known to be the China's national treasure and the representation of endangered animal species. It is used as the logo of the Word Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which work on wilderness preservation and is the largest conservation organization in the [...]

Where is the Largest Waterfall in Asia?

The Largest Waterfall in Asia   The Largest Waterfall in Asia is the breathtaking Huanguoshu Waterfalls located in Anshun city in Guizhou province and the waterfall is 77.8 m tall, 101m wide. You can go inside the naturally formed cave behind the waterfall (134m long )to see the biggest waterfall in Asia from a different [...]
High Speed Train- Kumming-Shanghai| Credit: Xinhua

Responsible Travel Across China By Rail

Air pollution has been a long time issue related to China. The recent development of extensive China rail network has placed its hope on reducing carbon footprint produced from inner city transportation across the county.   What can we do as a tour operator or a tourist to play a part in helping the environmental improvement while […]

The World Fastest Train

China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, and trains link almost every town and city. China built a few fastest high-speed trains in the world.  Shanghai Maglev (with magnetic levitation technology) is the fastest commercial high-speed electric train in the world with its maximum operational speed of 431km/h and […]

Top Attractions To See In Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie National park is the beloved park in Hunan for its splendid natural beauty. The unique sandstone pillars and the landscape have inspired the graphic design in Hollywood film Avatar. The park is one of the fascinating landscapes in the world with the area stretching over more than 3600 square kilometres. With more than 3,100 […]