Guides and Tipping

Tour Managers
Groups of 10 people of more will be provided with the services of a Tour Manager, they will accompany you throughout the China tour in combination with the local guides in each city.

Tipping is a way of life in China and we would like to honour that tradition by offering the tour guides and drivers a token of our appreciation. For your convenience the amount due will be stated on travel documents sent prior to your departure.

If you have a National Guide then on arrival in Beijing, simply pay the guide your tip money. They will follow you through the tour and tip the local guides in each city on your behalf.

If you have a Local guide only, then pay the guide in Beijing and he/she will pay your money to our Beijing head office and at the end of the tour all your guides will be paid.

The Yangtze River cruise and all the cruise companies who work on the river stipulate a mandatory RMB 150 per person tip. This amount should be paid in cash (Chinese Yuan) upon boarding the ship. Unfortunately this amount cannot be included on the total cost of your invoice, it must be paid directly to the cruise company.

Tour Guides
China has tens of thousands of trained and licensed tour guides. Some of them are professors, librarians, and teachers, working part time, but all must pass a strict examination to be qualified to work as a tour guide. Generally speaking, tour guides in the less developed areas such as along the Silk Road, in Tibet, and in parts of Sichuan and Yunnan are less qualified than those working in the Eastern provinces especially in terms of the quality of their spoken English. Your guide will be on hand to provide commentary on the various destinations and attractions and offer assistance should you need things like restaurant recommendations, shopping tips etc.

Our Tour Guides normally cover one area or city where they have the local knowledge. When you arrive in a new city/destination you will be met by a new guide who will be standing waiting for you at the airport/train station exit with your name clearly written. On all tours (group tours / tailor-made tours) you will be offered a contact telephone number of the local office in Beijing should there be any problems.