High Speed Train- Kumming-Shanghai| Credit: Xinhua

Responsible Travel Across China By Rail

Air pollution has been a long time issue related to China. The recent development of extensive China rail network has placed its hope on reducing carbon footprint produced from inner city transportation across the county.


What can we do as a tour operator or a tourist to play a part in helping the environmental improvement while taking you all on an incredible journey to see and experience the beautiful and multi-cultural China?

The answer is to promote green and responsible travel in China by rail.

China’s Rail network has expanded dramatically over the past decade with the development of an extensive high-speed rail network and the rail network system across the country is still being developed. China is a pioneer with its ingenious innovation on high-speed train technology. China has built the top 2 fastest train in the world, one in Shanghai between the airport and the city centre and another one in between Wuhan and Guangzhou. The rail network has been able to reach new cities and towns where it has never been before, traveling within China has been more and more convenient (faster) and more eco-friendly.



How is travelling by rail reduce your carbon emission to China?

According to CNN news report in 2011,  in a world where 95% of motorized mobility is currently fuelled by oil. High-speed rail offers a proven means of reducing dependence on this increasingly problematic energy source.

High-speed trains have proven their success in drawing passengers out of both cars and planes, as well as meeting new travel demand with a much lower carbon footprint than driving or flying could have done.

Travelling across China with the high-speed train to travel across China is way more eco-friendly than commuting by inner city flights, don’t you think?

Be a responsible tourist starting from you!


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