Where to see Giant Pandas in China?

The Giant Pandas have long been loved by people around the world, and are known to be China’s national treasure and an endangered species. They are used as the logo of the Word Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which works on wilderness preservation and is the largest conservation organisation in the world. The success in Giant Panda conservation in China has caused the reclassification in 2016 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) from “endangered” species to “vulnerable” species.

Where to see Giant Pandas in Sichuan?

You can see giant pandas in the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre. Natural habitats have been created to provide the best possible environment for rearing and breeding the adorable creatures. It is the Chinese government’s main research base for endangered wildlife in China. There are over 100 giant pandas among the other rare, wild animals, like the red panda and the black and white necked crane, living on the site designed with 96% natural coverage.

Our travellers visiting panda in Chengdu

You can be a day volunteer with the Panda Keeper Program in Dujiangyan Panda Base, to get closer with the Giant Pandas, including feeding and learning about the important panda conservation work in China.

The centre accepts up to 30 volunteers aged between 12 to 65 daily. Application has to be done 2 weeks in advance with the Application Form and Health Examinations Form (valid medical certificate and signature).

The Panda Keeper Progamme Schedule at the Dujiangyan Panda Base

Time Duration Activity
08:30~09:00 Learn safety announcement and sign the security agreement; put on the work suit and gloves, wear the volunteer pass card before go to the work place; the staff will tell you important matters that need your attention.
09:00~10:00 “Honorable Panda Keeper” experience: carry out the old bamboo, wash the panda house, clean up the panda excrement, carry in the fresh bamboo, etc.
10:00~11:00 “Wonderful Panda Tour” time: visit other panda enclosures, look around the panda base for more giant pandas and red pandas.
11:00~11:30 “Regardful Panda Feeding” experience: feed the panda with panda cake or other food, like carrot, bamboo shoot and apple.
1.5 hours Have lunch with the staff in the restaurant and take a break;
Visit around the base and see the cute panda if you like.
13:00~14:00 “Panda Cinema”: Watch a panda documentary that shows the scientific facts about panda, to understand how humans protect them.
14:00~14:50 clean the panda house and feed the giant pandas again.
14:50~15:30 “Panda Nutritionist” time: prepare food for the panda and also make the panda cake.
15:30 and after Answer some scientific questions about panda through your whole days’ experience; Plant bamboo to improve the pandas’ environment; and then, finish the panda volunteer experience and get the panda volunteer certificate and souvenirs.


If you are interested in seeing the Giant Panda in China, give us a ring on 020 8543 8133 or email info@chinalinkstravel.co.uk for more information.

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