Taiwan was formerly called Formosa hundreds years ago by the Portuguese sailors, which translates as “beautiful island”, providing  incredible scenery along the lengthy coastline.  Explore this beautiful island which offers some of the very best Chinese and Japanese food in the whole of  Asia. Discover the many bustling night markets including the most famous Miaokou night market, considered the best place in Taiwan for street snacks, especially seafood. Spend time visiting iconic and fascinating attractions at the most popular places. Taipei, the vibrant capital with Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its food, culture, folk arts and architecture. Hualian, close to the majestic Taroko National Park. Tainan, the oldest city in the country and full of tradition and culture. Kenting National Park,  sandy beaches and  turquoise waters ideal for  swimming and snorkelling. Jiufen, a famous gold mining area nestled against mountains with stunning views of the  sea.

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Ci En Pagoda, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Discover Taiwan

9 Days
Taiwan remains one of Asia’s largely undiscovered destinations. The island is an eclectic mix of Chinese, Western, Japanese and indigenous influences, while retaining many of its traditions.
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Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei City Tour

Day Tour
From £28
Highlights: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Martyrs’ Shrine, Traditional Taiwanese Temple, National Palace Museum, Handicraft Center, Presidential Building ( pass by )
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Highlights of Taiwan

7 Days
From £799
Discover the stunning island of Taiwan with this 7 day tour, visiting the essential locations this island has to offer. Beautiful scenery, amazing cuisine, lively night markets, hot springs, historic temples and a vibrant museum scene all make this incredible island a must visit for any traveller.
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